An asynchronous deployment and operations platform with the aim to better enable simplicity, faster time to delivery, and consistency.

This project is maintained by oshied

Welcome to Directord

Directord is a powerful automation platform and protocol built to drive infrastructure and applications across the physical, edge, IoT, and cloud boundaries; efficient, pseudo-real-time, at scale, made simple.

Directord was created to solve several deployment-specific problems unique to large-scale heterogeneous environments; however, this power doesn’t require elaborate operations teams or huge hardware commitments. Directord has been built to be efficient at any scale. The application flexibility created by Directord allows operators to scale as needed using a simple, fast, stable, and unique deployment engine with an easy-to-understand DSL. From one node to thousands, Directord has it covered.

Direct your deployment instead of being driven insane by elements, ingredients, and attestations.

First Principles

Getting Started

Getting started is simple.

Syntax, components, and developer enablement.

Documentation needed to be successful with Directord.

Comparative Execution Analysis of Different Tools.

Have Questions?

Join us on at #directord. The community is just getting started: folks are here to help, answer questions, and support one another.